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NICE DCV: The Powerhouse Behind Remote Desktop and Application Streaming for Gaming and Motion Art

In the realm of remote desktop solutions, NICE DCV stands as a formidable alternative to Parsec, offering unique features and functionalities that cater to a broad spectrum of users, from gamers to scientists. Our solution, Remāngu, capitalizes on the robustness of NICE DCV to offer an unparalleled streaming protocol for game development. Let's delve into what makes NICE DCV a superior choice for your remote visualization needs

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Integrating and Securing Cloud Game Development in Remāngu

Find out how Remāngu covers all of your needs for remote game development while maintaining the highest level of security. We are eager to learn more about how your studio is practicing remote work on game projects. #codevelopment #gamedev #workfromhome #remotework #security #identitymanagement #accesscontrol #devicemanagement #gamedevelopment

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Pixelstreaming at Scale: Game Streaming Solutions by Remāngu

Pixelstreaming at Scale by Remāngu provides a game streaming solution that allows game publishers to distribute content to a broad audience across various devices, from mobile to desktop and smart TVs. The platform is cost-effective, reducing expenses associated with hardware and game distribution, and offers seamless integration with existing ecosystems, extensive platform support, and comprehensive API coverage. With its scalable features and personalized support, game businesses can effortlessly reach more players and offer them immersive gaming experiences.