Integrating and Securing Cloud Game Development in Remāngu

August 7, 2023

You already know how Remāngu can help you with your cloud game development needs. But there are even more scenarios we currently support. Read more to reveal them all.

Remāngu use cases

1) Remote game development for remote-first studios

You are starting a new game development project and you decided to be completely remote? Good choice. It gives you a lot of freedom. But you need a place to meet and work.

  • Remote-first teams with all game development resources in the cloud
  • No hardware and infrastructure management, just making games
  • All you need is a single pane of glass. GPU workstations, storage, performance, builds, playtesting

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2) Co-development (work-for-hire studios) or hybrid studios

With work-for-hire studios, we often see a pattern. There is an AAA that needs to outsource tons of specialized work to co-development partners. It could be code or art. How would you provide the environment for them to jump on the project and start working fluently?

  • Native extension of your studio in the cloud with Remāngu
  • Site-to-site VPN from your infrastructure to Remāngu
  • You provide and control the environment of your collaborators with full security control

3) Work from home

You know it. Home office -> defacto standard. You have access to your workstation at your desk in the studio. You want to work, but it's frozen and there's no one to restart it. Or you are far away from a reasonable latency to work fluently. And your administrators have to take care of another part of the infrastructure. Not with Remāngu.

  • Extend your studio to Remāngu and work remotely
  • No hardware maintenance at the employee's desk in your data center
  • Optimized latency
  • Pay as you go
  • 100% artist and developer satisfaction

4) Remote people on game project

You buy another gaming laptop and set everything up for the remote person to start working? How long will that take? Weeks? Then you pack it up and ship it overseas, and your valuable assets sit somewhere out of your control. We can imagine how that hurts.

  • Invite remote talent to your project with one click
  • No laptop logistics
  • Super fast time to value

How does Remāngu support all these integration scenarios while maintaining world-class security? We took the technology from the market leaders, formed a strong partnership with Jumpcloud, and brought it to you in an easy-to-use package so you can just make games.

Remāngu unified Device and Identity management

Take your security perimeters under control. What does Remāngu offer out of the box? There are 3 essential parts we use to make Remāngu bulletproof and easy to use.

1) Identity Management - single identity for everything (including your current infrastructure if needed)

  • Directory Services
  • Seamless integration with Google Workspace, Office 365, Azure Directory
  • Identity lifecycle management
  • Multi-factor authentication

2) Access management - access all your applications and devices with easy-to-use integration

  • Single sign-on
  • LDAP and Radius
  • VPN access management

3) Device Management - control all devices and have security under control

  • Device fleet management for Windows, Linux, and MacOS
  • Mobile device management
  • Patch Management
  • Package Management
  • Remote Commands