Setup your Studio tenant

You simply choose your home region where we will set up your studio. We'll work our magic in the cloud for a few minutes and then you'll log in as admin.


Invite your Team

How many of you will be in your new studio? 5? 10? You simply invite your co-workers. As soon as they accept the invitation, they're on board with you. They have their own space, but within the studio you share what you need.


Create your first Animus

Each creator can create any number of workspaces. Do I need one workstation with a game engine on MS Windows? Another one with Blender on Linux? You choose your own performance and pre-installed tools.


Add Storage and Overclock

Add a shared storage for your project that will be instantly available on your colleagues' workstations. With one click, create a team Perforce, create a depot and start versioning everything. Your project is overseen by our build pipeline, which instantly builds everything you need. Have you ever experienced that as soon as you publish a change, your playtesters can immediately start streaming and playing directly from the cloud? It's awesome.

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