We help game studios to work with the best artists and developers in the world. Remote.

"You know how game studios have to worry about hardware, licenses, servers, security, compliance, moving large files, versioning, playtesting, managing remote people... Well, Remāngu does all that for you, you just give each employee their own computer in the cloud with unlimited power. You JUST MAKE GAMES, and no bullshit."


Our solution is based on the best technologies in the industry. Identity management systems and other important components are supplied by industry experts. You are in good hands.

SaaS Studio Platform

We specialize in developing solutions specifically for game and animation studios. We have a lot of experience from our own projects and projects for our customers.

Professional Services

We understand that game studios often have specific development, pipeline or integration requirements. Our experienced cloud engineers are ready to provide you with full support in implementing Remāngu into your studio.

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Fergus O’Callaghan


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