Make Games With Your Team Anytime, Anywhere

Everything you need for your team to work on the game remotely. Powerful graphics workstations, storage, Perforce, build pipelines and an integrated playtest environment.

GPU Workstations

Graphics workstations fully integrated into the creative flow of your team without compromise. No installations, no maintenance, no hardware replacements.

- Graphic performance of the latest NVidia hardware
- Unlimited storage
- Presets with preinstalled creative software
- Identity and access management

Perforce and Game builds

Complete build pipeline for your projects. Create a depot in the provided managed Perforce Helix Core and enable CI/CD. You can immediately stream and play the built games from the playtest environment. Anywhere, securely.

- Managed Perforce infrastructure (single or multi-region)
- Build pipeline with best in industry CI/CD tools
- Build farm for Unreal Engine or Unity3D projects
- Playtest pixel streaming platform

A robust set of features

GPU Workstations

High-performance hardware is just the foundation. We add a layer of security, access and device management. You choose the type, connect with one click, and just create games.


Team shared drives of any size. Instantly available and configured to connect to your workstations.


We deploy and manage you Perforce Helix Core. Servers run in the same private environment of your studio, as well as workstations and other components. You don't worry about infrastructure maintenance or licensing.

Game builds

Simply deploy and manage the CI/CD system including the build farm for your games. We can build your Unreal engine or Unity projects. In addition, we can also build your other components such as microservices for your online services.


Once your game is built, we deploy it to a managed playtest environment where your team can immediately stream and test it. If you've thought about how to show the game to an investor without sending them a binary package, you don't have to. Just invite him to Remāngu as a playtester.


One identity for access to all learning resources. With Remāngu you also get a premium tool for managing identities and access. Connect Remāngu to your Google Workspace or Office 365 and you don't have to worry about a thing.

Global availability

No matter where your team is located. Your studio can reach anywhere so that your creators can access all resources with maximum speed and minimum latency.

Multiple regions

Low latency


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