Introducing the Remāngu Security Manifest:

Safeguarding Your Game Development Journey in the Cloud

Welcome to the Remāngu Security Manifest, where we embark on an epic quest to fortify the realms of game development in the cloud! At Remāngu, we are devoted to creating a secure and impenetrable environment for game studios to unleash their creativity, collaborate seamlessly, and build extraordinary games without the worries of data breaches or cyber threats.

In this Security Manifest, we pledge to uphold the highest standards of protection, ensuring that your game assets, intellectual property, and sensitive data remain shielded from external perils. With a team of skilled guardians and a fortress built upon the robust foundation of Amazon Web Services (AWS), we stand vigilant to safeguard your development journey in the cloud. So join us as we unveil the secrets behind our bulletproof security measures, fortifying your studio's domain and empowering you to conquer new horizons in the ever-expanding universe of game development! 🏰🛡️🌌


  1. Built on AWS: Remāngu is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is renowned for its robust security infrastructure and adherence to the highest industry standards.

  2. Trusted Partner Network (TPN) Partnership: AWS is a partner of the Trusted Partner Network (TPN), a joint initiative by AWS and Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) to enhance security capabilities within the media and entertainment industry.

  3. Well-Architected Framework: Remāngu follows a well-architected framework in designing all functional and security aspects, ensuring a secure and stable platform.

  4. Isolated Environments: Each customer's tenant in Remāngu resides in fully isolated environments, ensuring data separation and enhanced security.

  5. Centralized IAM and Device Management: User identities and devices are secured under a centralized Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Device management platform, providing an additional layer of protection.

Remāngu features security

  1. Secure File Storage: Remāngu offers fast and scalable Windows File Server with high throughput capacity and input/output operations per second (IOPS), ensuring secure storage and access to assets.

  2. Secure Workplace Options: The platform offers secure workplace options with different specifications, allowing users to choose the best-suited environment for their development needs.

  3. Monitored Internet Access: Remāngu ensures that internet access from workstations is closely monitored, allowing administrators to track and manage usage. This monitoring helps in identifying any potential security risks or unauthorized activities.

  4. Controlled Internet Access: Administrators have the ability to limit or completely disable internet access from workstations, providing an extra layer of security against external threats or data breaches.

  5. Complete Isolation: With controlled internet access and fully isolated environments, Remāngu studio in a cloud tenant remains completely isolated from external networks, ensuring data privacy and minimizing the risk of external attacks.

  6. Secured Perforce Integration: Remāngu provides a secure Perforce integration, ensuring that the Perforce version control system runs in the cloud but is accessible only from within your studio tenant workstations.

  7. VPN Support for Hybrid Scenarios: Remāngu offers support for site-to-site VPN connections, enabling seamless integration of your current studio environment with the cloud or making your on-premises assets available within Remāngu.

  8. Multiple Geographical Regions: Remāngu's services are available in 31 geographical regions worldwide, with low latency access to ensure optimal performance and security.

  9. AWS Content Security Benchmarks: AWS continuously monitors and contributes to TPN's content security benchmarks, providing an added layer of assurance for content protection.

  10. Ongoing Security Enhancements: Remāngu's team is committed to continuously improving security measures to stay ahead of potential threats and ensure the highest level of protection for users' data and assets.

Partnership with Jumpcloud

Remāngu partners with Jumpcloud to provide state-of-the-art security platform, enabling easy management of studio tenants and integrating with other directory services.
  1. Centralized Identity Management: Jumpcloud provides a centralized platform for managing user identities, allowing administrators to easily control access and permissions across the Remāngu environment.

  2. Seamless Integration: Jumpcloud seamlessly integrates with Remāngu, enabling smooth onboarding and offboarding of team members, ensuring secure access to the platform.

  3. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Jumpcloud offers robust MFA capabilities, adding an extra layer of security by requiring users to verify their identities through multiple authentication methods.

  4. Directory Services Integration: Jumpcloud supports integration with other directory services, such as Google Workspace Identities, Office 365, Azure directory services, and more, streamlining user management and enhancing security across platforms.

  5. Device Management: Jumpcloud's device management features enable administrators to control and monitor workstations within the Remāngu environment, ensuring that only authorized and compliant devices have access to the platform.

As we conclude this Security Manifest, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for joining us on this epic quest to establish an unyielding fortress of security in the cloud. Our commitment to creating a safe haven for game development knows no bounds, and we are honored to stand alongside you as you forge ahead in your creative endeavors.

With our impenetrable walls of AWS security, controlled internet access, and secured Perforce integration, we vow to safeguard your dreams, innovation, and hard work, ensuring that they remain impervious to any threats that may loom on the horizon.

As the guardians of your virtual realm, we stand true to our mission of empowering game developers with the freedom to create, collaborate, and conquer without fear. Together, we venture into the vast expanse of the cloud, where new worlds and possibilities await.

Join us in this thrilling adventure, as we continue to raise the banner of security higher and set new standards for the protection of your game development journey. Your success is our triumph, and together, we shall forge a legacy of excellence and invincibility in the realm of cloud gaming.

Farewell for now, brave developers, but know that we shall remain at your side, vigilant and ready to defend the sanctity of your creative visions. May the Remāngu Security Manifest be a guiding light, inspiring you to push the boundaries of what's possible in the boundless realm of cloud game development! 🚀🔒🌌