Pixelstreaming at Scale: Game Streaming Solutions by Remāngu

August 7, 2023

Boost Your Gaming Business with Seamless Game Streaming

Pixelstreaming at Scale is a cutting-edge game streaming solution offered by Remāngu. Our platform empowers game publishers and platform owners to deliver immersive game streaming experiences at scale. With our robust tools and APIs, you can create and distribute high-quality game content, reaching players across various devices and locations. This sales one-pager highlights the main benefits of choosing Pixelstreaming at Scale for your gaming business.

Main Benefits

Expanded Reach:

Pixelstreaming at Scale eliminates the need for consoles and gaming PCs, allowing you to reach a wider audience. By leveraging our platform, you can provide streaming services to players on any device, including mobile, desktop, and smart TVs. Expand your user base and capture new markets with ease.

Cost-Effective Solution:

With Pixelstreaming at Scale, you can significantly reduce the costs associated with hardware upgrades and game distribution. By leveraging our streaming infrastructure, you eliminate the need for players to download and install large game files. This results in lower bandwidth requirements and more efficient resource utilization, ultimately reducing operational expenses.

Seamless Integration:

Integrating Pixelstreaming at Scale into your existing gaming ecosystem is seamless. Our comprehensive Client SDK allows you to embed game streaming capabilities into your websites and applications effortlessly. Launch games, accept user inputs, and enhance the front-end functionalities with our easy-to-use SDK.

Versatile Platform Support:

Pixelstreaming at Scale supports a wide range of platforms, ensuring compatibility with various devices. Currently, we offer support for Android devices through native applications, as well as web platforms on Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux computers. Furthermore, we have plans to expand support to mobile web platforms (Android and iOS) and Android TV devices in the near future.

Extensive API Coverage:

Our platform provides a range of APIs and services to enhance the gaming experience. Leverage our APIs to handle user input, manipulate player information, and manage audio and graphics seamlessly.

Personalized Support:

As a valued customer of Pixelstreaming at Scale, you benefit from personalized support and guidance from our team. We assist you in scaling your operations, offering insights on customer support, compliance, billing, and community management. Rely on our expertise to optimize your gaming business and deliver exceptional user experiences.


Pixelstreaming at Scale by Remāngu revolutionizes game streaming, offering you a scalable and cost-effective solution to reach a wider audience. With seamless integration, versatile platform support, and extensive API coverage, you can enhance your gaming business and captivate players across multiple devices. Join the future of gaming with Pixelstreaming at Scale.

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